Sizing & Styles!

Top to bottom: Chunky, Large Hand Tied, School Girl, Snap Clip. 
Chunky: The perfect style for all ages, but especially perfect to clip in over or under a bun.

Large Hand Tied - We consider this bow to be the most versatile bow. Perfect clipped in to longer hair, but equally perfect on a nylon band for a brand new baby.


School Girl - The absolute most perfect bow for brand new babes, but also versatile enough to purchase two matching prints on alligator clips and wear as a piggy set.


Please NOTE: There will be small variances in sizing between bows from older releases and bows from more recent releases. The differences will be minor changes, like an additional 1/4 inch between the older style chunky bows and newer, as well as the older style school girl style bows and newer. Bows released before August 2018 will be slightly smaller. If you would like any information on this at all, or photos to compare sizing, we would be happy to send them your way via email.

As of 2019, all bows released will be following the sizing guidelines below. If this image does not properly display on your device, feel free to email us and we will happily send it to you that way!