Shop Now, Pay Later

I know a LOT of you, like me, are new to this online world of shop now, pay later WITHOUT an actual credit card. Many of you faithful small shop shoppers know that Afterpay and Sezzle have been floating around for a while now, but do you know how they work and how truly awesome they are?!

I'm excited to announce that Ellie & Fig now offers Sezzle!

I, personally, am an avid user of both Sezzle and Afterpay and have an incredibly special place in my heart for both of them. As someone with less than stellar credit thanks to not-so-great life decisions in my early 20's when I didn't know any better, being approved for any type of "interest free loan" is a thing that seems like a far fetched dream. However, I was approved for both in seconds and have used them regularly since. An example of a purchase I made: A pair of $90 Swedish Clogs as a "treat yaself" gift for my 28th birthday. I will be charged $22 every two weeks until paid off! Easy peasy, AND my clogs arrived in the mail three days after I ordered them! I can't tell you how many months I mom guilted myself out of making a purchase for something I had been dreaming of for a year because I couldn't justify spending $90 right off the bat for something my KIDS didn't need. Finding a service that allows me to purchase something and pay for it in smaller increments that WON'T hurt OR help my credit was a game-changer for me.

If you'd like to try Sezzle out (taken right from Sezzle's website):

Look for Sezzle during checkout.

Look for the Sezzle button at checkout. It's easy to set up an account and speed through to your confirmation page.

Link a credit, debit card or bank account:

Choose how you want to pay your installments. With Sezzle, there's no need to re-type your financial information each time.

Get approved instantly and securely:

Sezzle will process your application in seconds during checkout. No long forms or waiting for days for a credit decision.

Schedule your automatic payments:

Your installments are scheduled for autopay. You'll get text and email reminders so you're never caught off guard.

0% Interest:

What you see is what you pay. You only pay the purchase price when payments are made on time.

Awesome, right?!

There are over 3,500 stores now offering Sezzle, and if you go onto their website there's an ENTIRE directory of stores that accept it! If you give it a whirl, feel free to let me know how it works out and how much you love it. I've had a few customers use it since I started offering it, and one mama said that it makes life so much easier for her when she can make guilt-free purchases for her kiddos, which is exactly how I feel and why I love it.