Custom Embroidery & FAQ's

"How do I order a custom hand embroidered piece?"

  • We generally aim to have one drop every single month, but sometimes life gets in the way and we have one every other month. During our drops, we open 10-15 slots for custom embroidered bows, 1-2 slots for custom embroidered hoops, 1-2 slots for custom embroidered ring slings, 4-6 slots for custom embroidered mama clips, etc.

"How does a "drop" work?"

  • Drops are generally held near the end of each month, and they always happen at 6 PM PST on the dot. We lock our website down the day of the drop so that we can update the site, make sure everything is functioning properly, and upload all of the photos and listings for the drop. Once 6 PM hits, we unlock our website and you're welcome to come in and shop and try to snag whichever piece you had your heart set on. Each piece is UNIQUE and one of a kind, which means they sell out very quickly and it is almost kind of a race. Carting the bow/clip/slot of your choice does NOT mean you will successfully check out with the item if you don't check out fast enough. Once you cart the item you were wanting, you should check out immediately.

”What is a Custom Slot?”

  • If you order a slot for a custom piece, please make sure to read the description on the listing. It explains how and where to submit your design ideas, as well as what we need from you (color preferences, choice of fabric, etc.) Turnaround time is also in the description. A custom slot gives you the ability to discuss your own design ideas for the bow of your dreams with us, and we do our best to make it happen! These are made to order items and do take a little bit longer as they are one of a kind, handmade pieces designed with your ideas in mind.