Shop Policies

Processing time:
***Delays in supply shipment due to Covid may extend turnaround time. Though supplies are in transit (fabrics, packaging supplies, clips, nylon bands, etc) we have been experiencing delays in actually receiving these items from UPS. Items are moving through the network at a slower rate, and as such, making it difficult to fulfill orders. Please be patient as we catch up. If you have any questions, please contact us. We are so sorry for these unforeseen circumstances but are working as quickly as we can to fulfill orders. Please keep in mind that once orders are shipped and in the hands of the US Postal Service, we do not have control over how quickly items are delivered. During these unprecedented times, international delivery is experiencing extreme delays, as is Domestic. This is out of our hands. ***

United States: 21 business days for regular fabric bows and clips, 28 days (and subject to change) for custom embroidered pieces, and 35 business days for custom bows on fabric that is mailed in to us (TAT will begin on the date the fabric arrives at our studio.) We do not work on weekends or holidays, and are open 9-5 daily.
If you need items sooner, please reach out to us at to discuss options BEFORE placing an order. I hope you can genuinely understand that this shop is run by a stay at home mama to two, and in the last year, my shop has gone from around a 1k following to an almost 10k+ following. With that increase, I've seen a HUGE influx of HUGE orders. I'm a one woman shop. I know some bow shops have a much faster turnaround time, but many big bow shops have help, whether it be a VA rep who runs their social media, responds to e-mails, handles returns and shipping, or someone who cuts fabric for them, sews fabric for them, ties bows for them, packages for them. I do not have any help. I love that I can give each and every single one of you an authentic experience. I love that I can talk to all of you via Instagram and truly get to know the customer behind the screen. I value every single relationship I have with my customers, I value watching your children grow up, I value building friendships with you. Your purchases help me grow as a shop owner, they help me keep my daughter involved in the extracurricular activities she loves, they help pay our bills and put food on the table. You're so beyond invaluable to me. I hope you can understand that I'm trying to juggle maintaining a positive home environment for two children and spouse, a clean home, keeping my kids mostly screen-free even though I'm home alone every day trying to work around them (which is incredibly hard when your children aren't very good with self-guided play). I thank you so much for your patience. I guarantee my bows are worth the wait - in fact, that is the number one review I receive. "Long wait, but so beyond worth it and will purchase again". I know you mamas can relate - most days it's hard for us to even find time to do something with our hair that doesn't involve dry shampoo! Imagine that + hours of work. It's not easy. But it is SO worth it to create something beautiful for your babies. Thank you all so, so much.
All mail ships First Class with tracking. If you'd like to upgrade shipping, please reach out to us at When placing numerous orders same day, we will likely ship items together in one package but will NO longer be offering the option to refund shipping. So keep in mind if you place several orders, you will pay shipping on each order whether they are shipped in the same package or not. It is your choice to place several orders - and it has been entirely too time consuming to go through hundreds of orders and refund more than half. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  

Customs and import taxes:
International shoppers-
Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. Ellie & Fig is not responsible for delays due to customs.
Return Policy:
Ellie & Fig accepts cancellations within 24 hours of placing an order. Due to the nature of our items, hair bows cannot be returned and are and non-refundable UNLESS  your order arrives damaged or defective, in which case, please contact us at Our number one priority is for our customers to be absolutely 100% in LOVE with our bows! So please reach out if you're needing assistance. 

Ellie and Fig does NOT accept forced returns and these are non-refundable. 

Absolutely NO Resale or “PSN” allowed for embroidered pieces:
This policy is non-negotiable. We will not tolerate people buying numerous embroidered pieces and posting them for sale in BST groups in an effort to “flip” them and make more money. Ellie & Fig customers often spend months and months trying to score the bow of their dreams, and we want ALL of these embroidered pieces to go to homes where they will be cherished. If we see or hear of bows being listed in a BST group under “PSN”, we will automatically cancel and refund your order and place the bow back up for sale. In addition to canceling your order, you will also be blocked from making future purchases. 
Here at Ellie & Fig, we do ask that you do not leave your children unattended while wearing our products. Bows may contain small parts that are not safe for children to have unattended. Please ensure that bows are not worn in car seats where children may be out of view. Ellie & Fig is not responsible for any injures that may occur.